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There is a bridge connecting Heaven and Earth.
It is called the Rainbow Bridge because of all its beautiful colors.
Just this side of the Rainbow Bridge there is a land of meadows, hills, and valleys with lush green grass.
When a beloved pet dies, the pet goes to this place.
There is always food and water and warm spring weather.
The old and frail animals are young again.
Those who were sick, hurt or in pain are made whole again.
There is only one thing missing,they are not with their special person who loved them so much on earth.
So each day they run and play until the day comes when one suddenly stops playing and looks up!
The nose twitches! The ears are up!
The eyes are staring and this one runs from the group!
You have been seen and when you and your special friend meet,you take him in your arms and hug him.
He licks and kisses your face again and again -
and you look once more into the eyes of your best friend and trusting pet.
Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together never again to be apart.
~ Author Unknown ~
In Loving Memory











Many young Pups

Please Please Vaccinate, as many pups we recieve are diagnosed with Parvo.

Or Mother takes course, some internally ill.

Just Like Sweetie, this guy was taught wrong, and thought it was ok to hurt other dogs, please train and raise your dogs well.


Sweetie was abandoned when she got pregnant, but everyone loved her so much. Some crazy people that had her before taught her that it is okay to fight every dog she sees, and she had many litters. This lovely girl had to be by herself as she finished her pregnancy. When the time came she had to go through a "C" section to save her pups. She had 6 beautiful pups, but she turned out to be a bad mama. But we gave her time for her mommy hormones to calm down to evaluate her, to see if she would calm down around dogs. Over a month past and she seemed to want to get to every dog. We, as a rescue, knew it was a risk to adopt her out. At that time we knew we had no other choice but to let her forever rest. 

Please in memory of Sweetie treat and train your dog well. They come out to be the way we treat them to be...

Felix was found wandering a road on the reservation with his mom, dad, and 3 siblings. He was originally named "Jaws" by the vet as he was VERY feral. With extensive work of our volunteers, he became a goofy joy. He learned to trust humans and play with other dogs. We were blessed with him for over 2 months. He was being treated for pnemonia, which was just not getting better. Xrays were taken, and it was discovered he had a hernia through his diaphragm.  He went immediately into surgery, but when the doc opened him up, the internal defects were staggering, un-repairable, and incompatible with life. Tearfully, the choice was made to end his suffering. Felix will be missed, but we are so glad he lived his last 2 months surrounded by love. 7/6/11
This calm sweet gal came to us after she was dumped. She arrived with bite wounds and not a lot of meat on her bones. She went into a loving foster home who spoiled her silly. She liked following her foster mom around the house and yard, just wanting to be involved in what ever was going on.  Unfortunately, she developed or came with an infection that could not be controlled in spite of medication.  It spread to her brain, and in her old age, her body just couldn't fight it off. She lost the battle, but the love she showed us will continue.  7/5/11
 Zack Joseph
While answering the phones for a rescue organization, a voice on the other end asked "Could you come and pick up our dog? He belonged to our parents.  Our father died and our mother was put in a nursing home last year. He's been out on his own ever since because he didn't 'fit' in any of our homes. But we've decided he should spend his last days in a good home." It started with that drive out to the country to assess "Zack" and any behavioral issues he may have had.  It turned out his only issue was the fastest wagging tail one has ever seen. A handsome German Shorthair Pointer, 11 years old, with his graying muzzle and brows. It was love at first sight. But I had one concern. Could a country boy like Zack adapt to city living? The answer was yes.  It turned out that all Zack required was love and a reason to keep that stubby little tail of his wagging.  He had a younger brother, named Jake, in his new home and they each appreciated having a brother for the first time. They loved the evening competition of who could finish his after dinner "chewy" first. And once they determined who would get in the car first, they loved their car rides together.  The coffee stands were a favorite! Jake quickly taught Zack the ropes..poke your head out of the window, make your eyes look really sad, and you won't only get one "goody" but several. He was confused, however, when he experienced his first drive-up ATM machine... where were the goodies? He was introduced to his first dog park, where, on the first visit, he made the rounds to every person and dog. He was immediately recognized as one of the sweetest, most gentle spirits, not only there, but everywhere he went.
Thank You for coming into our lives and for all the happy memories. We Love You, Zack Joseph, and we'll see you one day soon!
A Letter From Ruby Jewel
To my human Mom...I am high on a mountain now and am in dog heaven-safe, free of pain and am bonding with some old friends. Our heavenly home is bright, sunny and full of fields to romp and play in-we are all as happy as we can be having had to leave our other homes...I feel like a young pup again!   I miss you and do so appreciate the love, care and compassion you gave in my late years.  I wish I could explain how I got into a cold field and nearly died from lack of food, water, and exposure to the elements- but, help came when two other dogs found me and told their owner where I was so he could find me and get me to a vet. I eventually got to you and your dog family-how very lucky for me! I know I was a bag of bones when I got to you but you gave me lots of love and fattened me up and made my life and late years very pleasant-I had my own yard safe from everything and even though I was blind I could find my way around and I always knew where the door was to come in and have air conditioning or heat. I could lay in the sun if I wanted to and just soak up the rays and smell the air and all it's messages that dogs only can know.  I made a great friend...a little boy dog you call Nub..please give him some extra hugs and kisses. He always protected me and kept me clean by licking my face and ears, I will miss him too. Thank you again for all of your love, care,special homemade food delivered directly to me, and of course my nice comfy warm bed. I loved the name you gave me-it made me feel like a special dog, a real gem.  Please do not feel sad for me- I lived a very good dog life (especially in my late years with you) and God needed this old gal in heaven to keep everyone in line. Keep me in your heart and I promise you will always be in mine. Love to you, Ruby Jewel
 Your time has come to leave this world and those that loved you so. I will always remember when I first saw you, you were so small compared to your other playmates, yet you ruled the house.  I remember that regardless of what was going on you were always willing to let us know when it was dinner time, and that little "bologna dance" you did when asked if you wanted any "blowney" and how you would spin around and back up to our feet so we could pick you up easier. You were always able to let us know when you wanted something and did not stop until you got it.  Some would say you were sooo spoiled...I just thought you did a great job training us. 
Until we meet again, you keep doing your little dance
and I will hold you in my memories as tight as I can.
(December 2007 - March 2011)
It was a cold day late December 2007 when I receive a call. There was this raggity little dog that had been picked up from the shelter by my groomer.  She was in the worst condition you could imagine, her hair was going every which way and was in need of attention.  I picked her up and took her to the Veterinarian's Office.  It was determined she had a heart murmur and only had about 30 days to live.  I took her back to the shelter and told them I was willing to take this little girl in and care for her until she was off her medications (rest of her life), they agreed to let me foster her for that time.  Four days after I took her home she had a serious episode about 3:00am.  She crawled up on my chest and started whining.  I knew then that I could not let her suffer so I took her to my Veterinarian, he gave her some medications to help her. Little did I know how that moment would change my life so much.
She began to come around and be like a normal little girl that was bouncing around and playing with her other brothers.  She would always greet me at the door when I would come home and although it took everything she had to jump she managed to get an inch or two off the ground and wag her little tail uncontrollably.  As time passed she began having more frequent episodes.  In late June 2010,  she had a real hard time and on July 3, I call for an appointment to have her euthanized, the Vet was on vacation and she could not be taken in. Shortly thereafter, she was back to her normal chipper self. Again, she refused to give up.  Today her battle ended and all I can do is hope I touched Her life as much as she touched mine.  
I will miss you DIDI,  Thank You for three great years together.

On July 19th, 2012 Daisy, a sweet, playful dog, was put down. As a puppy Daisy was abused and treated with cruelty so she came to fear people. By the time our founder Kendra was able to rescue her from her home, the fear was ingrained into Daisy. Kendra did her best to help Daisy and after a few months Daisy did come to trust and love Kendra. Kendra became the only person who could touch Daisy without her being afraid. From this past October until this last month Daisy improved significantly. She would not bite people unless they scared her and Daisy even approached a few strangers on her own. Unfortunately the damage done to her takes time and people were too afraid to give her a chance. Kendra did her best but, since we are a small rescue, we do not have the time or money that a dog like Daisy requires. In the end the tough decision was made to do what was best for Daisy and for society and she was put down. This in NO WAY was Daisy or anyone at this organization fault. This is the fault of the owners who made Daisy that way. Daisy was a sweet and loving dog even with her fear. It a loss the world will never know and is reminder that no matter what people say or think abuse does affect everyone. It hurts even if you don't see the consequences. It kills a perfectly good dog and breaks good people's hearts. Remember Daisy....she was loved ....
Somewhere over the rainbow
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