Res Q Angels - Saving Stray Dogs in Yakima County
Welcome to the RQA Family!
We are pleased to offer a way to support the efforts of rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-homing the stray dogs. We spend, on average,
$2000-$4000 EACH MONTH
in Veterinary bills alone. With your contribution, we are able to continue our mission of saving and helping those who cannot help themselves.
Simply choose an amount you would like to give, and watch your donation make a huge impact on a dogs life.
As a family member, you will receive a personal Thank You, and a tax deductible receipt. More importantly, you will know that 100% of your donation goes directly to the care of the stray, helpless, injured, and sick dog rescued. Whether your donation is $10 or $100, every penny goes to the dogs. YOUR DONATION HELPS!!
Welcome to the Family!
(Please include a phone number in the comment part of the check out. After your initial donation, we will contact you to set up the monthly donation on the day you choose. Thank you!)
RQA Grandparent
Watch your 4-legged grandkids grow! Donate $100 a month and receive a Res Q Angels shirt as a thank you!
Price: $100.00
RQA Parent
From newborns to adults, these furry kids need you! With your $75 monthly donation, you will receive a Res Q Angels Hat as a thank you!
Price: $75.00
RQA Sibling
Sisters and Brothers, all showing their love for each other! With your $50 monthly donation, receive a 2012 RQA Calendar as our Thank You!
Price: $50.00
RQA Auntie or Uncle
We love it when they come to visit! With your monthly contribution of $30, the dogs you save will be spinning around with excitement! As a Thank you, you wil receive a RQA window cling.
Price: $35.00
RQA Cousin
Fun to be had when the Cousins are over! When you contribute $25 monthly, you will be supplying a dog with all of his vaccines. As a Thank you for keeping a dog healthy, we will send you a RQA window cling.
Price: $25.00
RQA God-Parent
What would we do without these special people in our lives? As a very special God-Parent, you have chosen to donate a Monthly Amount of $150 or more. As a Thank you for supporting RQA, you will receive a RQA T-shirt and Hat. You will also be able to NAME a Rescued Dog after a loved family member, whether 2 or 4 legged!
Price: $150.00
RQA Family Friend
We are so glad you joined us! Though you may not be family by relation, you are as dear to us as any relative! Your monthly donation of $10 is incredibly important and adds up to saving more dogs! We hope you enjoy the RQA window cling you will receive!
Price: $10.00